One of the new models, the single-gas R3AC50-A, is R134a refrigerant compatible.

One of the new models, the single-gas R3AC50-A, is R134a refrigerant compatible.

Photo: Rotary

Rotary, part of Vehicle Service Group (VSG), is launching a new line of fully automatic air-conditioning diagnostic and recharging equipment through the company’s partnership with TEXA.

The equipment, unveiled for the first time at the recent 2022 SEMA Show, gives North American automotive service professionals a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to recover, recycle, and recharge R134a and R1234yf refrigerant gases.

Three models are due in Spring 2023:

  • The single-gas R3AC50-A (R134a refrigerant compatible).
  • The single-gas R3AC60-YF (R1234yf refrigerant compatible).
  • The dual-gas R3AC80-AYF (both R134a and R1234yf compatible) that automatically purges between gas changes.

“These A/C machines, coupled with Rotary’s unparalleled service and support network, are an absolute game-changer,” said Ian Wendler, vice president and general manager for VSG Americas. “We look forward to hitting the market this spring with a product that will increase the amount of work shops can perform – and revenue that can be obtained – as we head into the busy A/C season.”

Focused on productivity with super-fast process times, vehicle data updates, and superior up-time, the Rotary A/C machines make it possible for service centers to charge more vehicles per year. Each machine can update automatically, receive remote assistance, and connect to other devices, such as printers and smartphones. The new product line is also backed by Rotary’s service network and industry-warranty.

Rotary is currently accepting preorders for Spring 2023 delivery.

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