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The proposed legislation aims to bolster support to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic through the Paycheck Protection Program with measures such as eliminating restrictions on non-payroll expenses and extending the rehiring deadline.

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Trump Signs New $484B Stimulus Bill Into Law

The stimulus includes more aid for small- to medium-sized businesses, with $320 billion added to the Paycheck Protection Program. Of that total, $60 billion is set aside for Small Business Administration loans.

CARES Act Analysis: 17 Takeaways for Applicants

Bobit Business Media's webinar, "Navigating the CARES Act for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses With Fleets," shared how businesses with commercial, corporate, and rental fleets can access and apply funds made available by the new law.

Illinois District Orders 3 Electric School Buses

Triad Community Unit School District #2 will receive the buses, which were sold by Creative Bus Sales and will be built by Starcraft Bus. The buses are funded by the state’s second round of VW settlement funds. 

Missouri Council Awards STA $20K Rebate for Propane School Buses

The Missouri Propane Education and Research Council’s rebate to Student Transportation of America is for its purchase of 10 of the alternative-fuel buses. The council has committed $1 million to help school districts in the state transition from diesel to propane buses.