The investment is expected to create more jobs in Canada’s electric vehicle manufacturing...

The investment is expected to create more jobs in Canada’s electric vehicle manufacturing sector. Shown here is an electric bus from Canadian-based manufacturer GreenPower Motor Co. in Vancouver, Canada.

GreenPower Motor Co.

Canada has announced $2.75 billion in funding to enhance the country’s public transportation systems, specifically in supporting the purchase of zero-emission public transit and school buses.

The funding is part of an eight-year, $14.9 billion public transit investment recently outlined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The funding will support municipalities, transit authorities, and school boards with transition planning, increase ambition on the electrification of transit systems, and deliver on the government’s commitment to help purchase 5,000 zero-emission buses over the next five years. The investment is also expected to create more jobs in the country's robust and growing electric vehicle manufacturing sector, which includes Canadian-based manufacturers Nova Bus, The Lion Electric Co., GreenPower Motor Co., and New Flyer.

Infrastructure Canada will ensure coordination between this investment and the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s commitment to invest $1.5 billion in zero-emission buses and associated infrastructure as part of its three-year Growth Plan.

“Better public transit, cleaner air, quieter streets, and a planet safe for our kids — that’s the goal of our investment in zero-emission buses across Canada,” said Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna. “By making this investment, we’re tackling climate change while creating good jobs and supporting manufacturing right now, here at home. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

Since 2015, Canada has approved $13.6 billion in funding towards more than 1,300 public transit projects across the country. These investments have helped build more than 240 km of new public transit subway and light rail lines, create over 380 km of active transportation trails, bike, and pedestrian lanes, and already supported the purchase of over 300 zero-emission buses.

Originally posted on Metro Magazine