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Rummage through a toolbox of insights gathered during the past year about school bus maintenance, from our annual survey to the critical pre- and post-trip inspection procedures to cutting-edge products that enhance fleet operations.

Check out the top five articles selected by School Bus Fleet from our 2023 coverage:

2023 Maintenance Survey: Wages Increase Along with Expenses for Parts

The average hourly starting pay for school bus maintenance works is up more than $1 compared to last year, but more than half of student transportation operations surveyed indicated that their technicians are expected to cover bus routes often or daily due to driver shortages.

What to Keep in Mind During Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

Why these inspections can be the most important part of your day as a school bus driver.

10 Things Mechanics Need to Know About School Bus Transmissions

Discover the essential things every mechanic needs to know about school bus transmissions. From maintenance to troubleshooting and safety considerations, this comprehensive guide ensures smooth operations and safe transportation.

Products That Can Keep Your Fleet Shop Operations a Well-Oiled Machine

Check out some of the latest product offerings for your school bus garage.

The ABCs of Proper HVAC System Maintenance

Advice from an expert on keeping your school bus HVAC system running cozy.

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