Blue Bird Corp. has teamed up with Safety Vision to install Mobileye collision avoidance systems...

Blue Bird Corp. has teamed up with Safety Vision to install Mobileye collision avoidance systems on all of its new and existing school buses. Shown here are some of the school bus manufacturer's Vision propane buses.

Photo courtesy Blue Bird Corp.

Blue Bird Corp. has partnered with video surveillance solutions provider Safety Vision to add collision avoidance systems on its school buses.

The system, called Mobileye, works by combining Safety Vision’s 360-degree camera, which gives the driver a complete view around the exterior of the bus when activated, alerting the driver to potential dangers on the road and allowing them to act before an incident occurs, according to a news release from Blue Bird.

Some of these visual alerts include Forward Collision Warning (FCW), which notifies of imminent rear-end collision with a vehicle ahead; Lane Departure Warning (LDW), which alerts if the vehicle leaves a driving lane without a turn signal; as well as Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (PCW), which warns of imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead, according to the school bus manufacturer.

"Safety is always at top-of-mind for Blue Bird, and adding a collision avoidance system to our buses is an excellent way to continue to transport our most precious cargo safely and effectively," said David Bercik, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Blue Bird Corp. "Combining a 360-camera with a collision avoidance system is a fantastic way to make our buses safer and easier to drive."

When the Mobileye system has been used in other applications, end users reportedly showed up to 90% reductions in collision-related costs, as well as up to 90% reductions in collision-related insurance claims, according to Blue Bird.

"Historically, on-board technology placed on school buses would capture faults of drivers, but Mobileye technology does not measure driver performance; instead, it provides driver assistance," said Clint Bryer, Safety Vision’s director of sales for student transportation. "Having the right technology shows drivers you care about their peace of mind, while reducing accidents and helping them retain a good driving record."

School districts will be able to have this technology factory-installed on their newly-ordered Blue Bird buses, as well as installed on their existing bus fleet through their local Blue Bird dealer.

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