Video surveillance plays an integral role in student and driver safety on the yellow bus. This was most recently evidenced in School Bus Fleet’s 2020 Special-Needs Survey; a slightly higher number of respondents reported adding technology including video surveillance over last year.

SBF reached out to several suppliers to find out about some of the latest offerings in video surveillance equipment for student transportation. Those include features such as higher-resolution camera systems, cloud storage for real-time access to data, video integration with stop arms and pre- and post-trip inspection tools, and a 360-degree view.

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Zeus PT from 247Security Inc. offers full 1080P on all 16 channels. Each camera has an individual audio channel and can record at 30fps. The ultrafast processor is designed to keep users from having to choose which views are clearer than others; it is also ready for cameras with 4K, a higher resolution point than 1080p. Features such as DHD storage with a 10-year warranty and built-in E-guard power protection are standard.

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AngelTrax has introduced the Vulcan Series IP IntelliGuard Automated SAV System, SAV3100, featuring three IP cameras, which provide automated uploading of video and snapshots of stop-arm violations. The detection camera at the roofline captures wide-angle views of traffic below and is triggered by vehicle movement in the detection zone when the stop arm is activated. The dual-camera unit on the wall below captures clear images of license plates on each side.

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Gatekeeper Systems

Health Check is part of the Gatekeeper G4 Vision suite. It is designed to be a simple to use cloud-based service that automatically reports on the health of a bus DVR and camera system. Health Check uses a wireless connection to the mobile DVR to automatically send a report to the G4 Vision software. Health Check requires the DVR to have wireless connectivity, which can be cellular or Wi-Fi. It can easily manage multiple fleets or bus yards, according to the supplier.

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The new Pro-Vision 4G video recording system features a built-in modem that enables access to a 4G connection to perform GPS fleet tracking, receive event notifications, and access camera views — all in real time. The modem also allows for simplified configuration updates to the system, created to make the process of installing and updating systems easier.

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Camera views of license plates are one part of REI’s school bus stop-arm solution. The solution also offers an event marker that is designed to prompt the capture of violators’ plates across two lanes of traffic, day or night. High-definition, color video of the violation is then automatically flagged and date/time stamped. Administrators may then quickly locate and review the captured violation using REI’s Video Management Software solution.

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Rosco Vision Systems

Rosco’s legacy in-cab recorder, Dual-Vision, can be paired with ROSCOLive Cloud Services or Wi-Fi Cloud Storage (WCS) for real-time or wireless access to fleet data and video. Users can maximize their data’s potential with the ability to wirelessly access data and downloads through the supplier’s cloud platforms on its website. ROSCOLive offers live track and trace, remote device management, real-time event notifications, and live video streaming.

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Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet’s video surveillance offerings can provide deeper integration to complementary fleet safety systems, such as the Predictive Stop Arm and pre- and post-trip inspection tools.
The supplier is also enhancing its video surveillance product line with more robust recorders that feature integrated GPS and Wi-Fi and cameras that capture improved resolution and clarity. Video surveillance system functionality will see added security, data protection, and system management flexibility.

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Safety Vision

Offering a unique combination of features, the TotalView system provides users with a 360-degree view of their surroundings, helping, for example, with maneuvers into tight garages and parking spaces. Additionally, TotalView is compatible with any of Safety Vision’s monitors and can provide a split-screen view from any of four compact cameras. The system also doubles as an exterior recording solution.

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