The new legislation would gather data on illegal passing incidents and develop a national public safety messaging campaign. - Image: Canva

The new legislation would gather data on illegal passing incidents and develop a national public safety messaging campaign.

Image: Canva

Representatives Rudy Yakym (Indiana) and Julia Brownley (California) sponsored the Jackie Walorski Enhancing Necessary Data (END) Illegal Passing Act, a follow-up to the STOP for School Bus Act. The act calls for establishment of "a program to monitor and gather data on incidents of illegal passing of stopped school buses, develop a national public safety messaging campaign, training materials, and model legislation to reduce such incidents."

“Our community in northern Indiana knows all too well the tragic consequences when drivers illegally pass a stopped school bus,” said Congressman Yakym. “My predecessor and dear friend, Jackie Walorski, sprung into action to pass the Stop for School Buses Act of 2021. Congresswoman Brownley and I are proud to carry on her legacy by ensuring more robust data on the frequency and circumstances surrounding illegal school bus passings. Through this legislation we can put taxpayer dollars to better use as we educate the public about the dangers of passing stopped school buses, prevent further tragedies, and save lives.” 

“As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I worked with the late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski to include life-saving legislation to address the significant risks posed to children when vehicles violate school bus stop signs in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” said Congresswoman Brownley. “I am proud to join Congressman Yakym to build on the progress we’ve made and help protect children from injury and death from illegal passing.”

The National School Transportation Association (NSTA) praised the END Illegal Passing Act, which aims to reduce the estimated 41.8 million illegal passing violations occurring during the 180-day school year.

"NSTA commends Reps. Yakym and Brownley for continuing the mission of the late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski," said NSTA President Carina Noble. Noble also serves as senior vice president for communications and external affairs for school transportation contractor National Express. "Illegal passing continues to occur across the country at an alarming rate and the Jackie Walorski END Illegal Passing Act represents a vital component in the quest to curb this epidemic."

Said Curt Macysyn, NSTA's executive director: "The illegal passing of stopped school buses continues to be a vexing problem that impacts our students in a profound way. We must continue to be vigilant as we address the root causes of this calamity. NSTA appreciates the efforts of Reps. Yakym and Brownley in introducing the vital piece of legislation, as well as their conintued commitment to school bus safety."

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