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National Express Appoints New COO

Liz Sanchez will oversee the company’s North American school bus portfolio, including Durham School Services, Petermann Bus, Trinity Transportation, and Stock Transportation.

Getting on Board With a Return to the Classroom

The National School Transportation Association's president emphasizes the importance of in-person instruction and urges pupil transporters to remind parents that the yellow bus continues to be the safest form of transportation for students.

The Yellow Bus Is as Dependable as Ever

We are poised for the complete return to classroom learning, and ready to do what we do best: transport students safely and efficiently, each day, every day.

STARTS Offers School Reopening Webinar Series

The three associations that joined to form the Student Transportation Aligned for Return To School Task Force will host five webinars covering critical transportation issues as schools reopen.

In Moves to Protect School Staff, Don’t Forget Bus Drivers

All the media coverage of when and how schools nationwide will reopen, what classrooms will look like, and the risks to teachers is vital. Still, the safety and well-being of the people taking kids to and from school should receive more attention.