Frontline Innovations plans to install its modular electrostatic disinfection units (shown here)...

Frontline Innovations plans to install its modular electrostatic disinfection units (shown here) on two of Bayonne (N.J.) School District’s buses free of charge.

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Bayonne (N.J.) School District has received a donation of two modular electrostatic disinfection units (MEDS) to clean its school buses.

John Niesz, the district’s superintendent of schools, made the announcement about the donation from Bayonne-based company Frontline Innovations at the district’s board of education meeting on Tuesday (his remarks begin at 1:45). The systems will reportedly be installed on two of the district’s school buses free of charge.

“MEDS is a disinfection system utilizing patented electrostatic spray technology,” Niesz told the board as he read information about the product. “The spray system is perfect for ambulances, professional medical spaces, and mass transit systems.”

Each unit, he added, is equipped with an electrostatic nozzle, a compressor, and a pressurized tank, and can be internally mounted to disinfect spaces with the flip of a switch.

Using Frontline Innovations' patented MaxCharge electrostatic nozzle, the unit creates a droplet in the range of 40 microns, which is reportedly an ideal size for accepting a positive charge and targeting nearby surfaces using the wrap-around electrostatic process, according to the company's website.

During the meeting, Niesz told the board that he recently saw the system in action after convening with Frontline Innovations and McCabe Ambulance, a local emergency medical services provider who works with the company to disinfect its vehicles.

“They flipped a switch, and it disinfects the entire ambulance in less than a minute,” he added.

Even though Bayonne School District plans to test out the MEDS units on two of its school buses first, Niesz also mentioned the possibility of installing the systems on all 24 of the district’s buses and even placing them in classrooms.

“This is a game-changer,” Niesz said. “This will be tremendous in helping us get back to school sooner than later.”

Bayonne School District is currently operating under a virtual learning plan until the end of February.

Learn more about the MEDS unit.

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