A school bus driver for Elkins, W.Va.-based Randolph County Schools has been recognized for his commitment to the safety of students.

During the district’s board of education meeting on Tuesday, Robin Spicer was honored by Randolph County Schools Assistant Superintendent Joseph Arbogast with a letter of recognition, detailing his efforts in saving students from a vehicle that passed his stopped bus.

“I was notified on Monday [Oct. 12] by a parent regarding your actions during a bus stop,” Arbogast said in a video of the board meeting (his statement begins at the 1:10 mark). “The parent advised that students were about to step off the curb when a vehicle came speeding toward the stop at a high rate of speed. Once you observed the oncoming vehicle and realized it was not going to stop, you began sounding your horn to alert the students of the danger.”

Arbogast added that Spicer’s quick reaction to the incident possibly “saved the lives and/or prevented serious injury” to the students, and that he would like to personally thank Spicer for his attention to safety and the well-being of students. He also said that a copy of the recognition letter would be added to Spicer’s personnel file.

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