The 9500AL UltraLED Stop Arm Lamp is an all-new version of Heavy Duty Bus Parts Inc.'s 9500 Series UltraLED Stop Arm Lamp.

The 9500AL, which was developed over a period of 12 months and is manufactured in the U.S., replaces the incandescent double-contact bulb found on most school bus stop arms, fitting into the existing socket. Like the 9500 Series lamp, the 9500AL features a high-intensity LED on each side that emits light in a rapid-flash, strobe-like manner.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the 9500AL features an all-aluminum (AL) printed circuit board (PCB). Brandon Billingsley, president of Heavy Duty Bus Parts, said the all-aluminum PCB underlies the LED and the lamp's circuitry, allowing for more cooling to take place, and for a brighter dissipation of light.

"It's the maximum amount of light that's allowed and it doesn't damage the LED or the lamp's other components, so we have been able to double our warranty period," Billingsley said. "Also, the entire lamp is covered and sealed with a polycarbonate that prevents moisture from penetrating it."

According to Billingsley, using an all-aluminum PCB was a byproduct of searching for a manufacturer in the U.S. "We found a manufacturer and when we started making some product designs, one suggestion was to go to an all-aluminum PCB for greater product longevity and durability," Billingsley explained. "The lamp has shown excellent resilience in the test lab."