The Model 272 CHMSL from J.W. Speaker Corp. is a combined warning light and center high-mount stop light with a built-in backup camera.

The lighting system, which is 7 inches x 2 inches, is positioned higher than side brake lights and directly in the driver’s line of sight, according to the supplier.

In addition to the lights’ compact design, the Model 272 CHMSL features a high-definition camera that can be connected to reverse lights to display anytime the vehicle is put in reverse. The camera is adjustable to allow for various mounting heights, according to the supplier.

The Model 272 CHMSL can be used with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) displays or J.W. Speaker options, which include: a 4.3-inch screen size with one channel and plastic housing, a 5-inch screen size with three channels and metal housing, and 6 meter and 10 meter extension cables.