A new series of public service announcements (PSAs) presents powerful messages about the dangers of illegally passing stopped school buses.

The School Bus Safety Co. and the Child Safety Network created the five free PSAs, some of which show dramatizations of fatal stop-arm running incidents.

In the latest school year on record, 2011-12, the majority of school bus loading and unloading fatalities — six of the nine total — were caused by a vehicle passing the school bus.

Jeff Cassell, president of the School Bus Safety Co., said that a link to the PSAs is being distributed to more than 5,000 school districts with a request to share them with local media. Another effort will be to try to get national TV stations to air the videos during School Bus Safety Week.

Last year, the School Bus Safety Co. launched a nationwide initiative to reduce school bus-related child fatalities from an average of 12 per year to zero. The company has now given out more than 5,000 free copies of its Danger Zones program.

Watch one of the new PSAs below. The others are available here.

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