For school bus drivers, vigilance is essential, but sometimes it has unexpected results.

That was the case in a recent incident at Miami-Dade County Public Schools in which a school bus driver reported a suspicious-looking vehicle following the bus.

Randy Mazie, director of the district's North Transportation Center, saw the humorous side of the incident report, and he kindly decided to share it.

Here's the report, with the names removed (but with a particularly funny typo left intact).

Driver — Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
Aide — Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Bus — #XXXXX
School — XYZ Elementary
Students — 1
Injuries — 0

Driver was heading north on XXX St. and XXX Ave.
A white car with dark tents [sic] on the window started following the bus.
Driver contacted dispatch and driver was instructed to go to the XYZ Police Department.
An officer met the bus and then instructed the driver to continue.
It was determined the white car was a parent whose child had missed the bus.

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