The new Firetrace Methane Detection System (FMDS) is available for use with Firetrace International’s fire suppression systems.

FMDS is designed for the detection and early warning of dangerous levels of hydrocarbons in natural gas buses, according to Firetrace.

The system includes multiple point detection sensors installed at key areas, connected to a control box located near the driver. The control box provides an audible and visual indication of the system status and warnings, which company officials said allows the driver to react rapidly.

“Methane is a potentially explosive byproduct of LNG [liquefied natural gas] and CNG [compressed natural gas] fueled engines,” said Scott Starr, director of marketing at Firetrace. “It made sense to us to combine a system of detection with our fire suppression systems to provide a complete protection solution for buses.”

The FMDS is a purpose-built system designed for the harsh conditions expected with transit applications, according to Firetrace. The sensor housings are aluminum, and the control box is ABS plastic.

FMDS has a progressive warning system. The first alert kicks in at detection of 25% of the lower explosive limit, and the second kicks in at 50%.