CLARKE COUNTY, Ga. — A man here is facing charges for allegedly attempting to hijack a bus full of students earlier this month.

The incident happened just before 7 a.m. on Sept. 6, according to an incident report obtained by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Video surveillance of the incident shows the man, identified as Fred Woods by Clarke County School District, following a student onto the bus, the news source reports. The driver can be heard in the video telling Woods that he can’t get on the bus. However, Woods tells the driver that someone is trying to kill him and instructs the driver to drive him down the street, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. When the driver refuses, Woods grabs the gearshift and begins pressing down on the driver’s foot with his, revving the engine, the news source reports. However, the bus’s air brakes were on, preventing it from moving.

Ten-year old Zamari Allen, a student aboard the bus, told WSB-TV that the driver had stopped the bus to pick up a student when the incident occurred. The news source reports that video footage from a second and third video surveillance camera on the bus showed students running toward the back of the vehicle for safety, and that a parent managed to run onto the bus and convince Woods to get off.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office issued warrants for Woods’ arrest, according to WSB-TV. He is facing charges of criminal trespass, reckless conduct, and disturbing the operations of a public school, the news source reports.

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