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Driver Wellness

PHOTOS: Pupil Transportation in Pictures - Spring/Summer

Pupil transporters captured these very unusual spring and summer seasons, sharing images of meal delivery wearing masks, adapting to social distancing, and sending shout-outs and saying goodbye at the end of the school year to students.

5 Questions: Marc Raposo on Leading Remotely, Driver Concerns

The president of the New Hampshire School Transportation Association talks about leading via Zoom, concerns about drivers feeling comfortable getting behind the wheel again, and his pride in an association in which competing businesses team up for safe student transportation.

In Moves to Protect School Staff, Don’t Forget Bus Drivers

All the media coverage of when and how schools nationwide will reopen, what classrooms will look like, and the risks to teachers is vital. Still, the safety and well-being of the people taking kids to and from school should receive more attention.