EverDriven VIP app

The VIP app, previously available to parents and guardians, is now accessible by school district personnel.

Source: Canva, EverDriven

EverDriven Technologies, a provider of technology-enabled alternative student transportation for school districts nationwide, has a new feature designed for school staff responsible for monitoring student drop-off and pick-up. The EverDriven VIP app, previously available to parents and guardians, now offers a school view feature for approved staff, such as teachers and teacher aides. This addition helps school personnel efficiently track driver information and estimated arrival times (ETAs), promoting safe school pick-ups and drop-offs.

“We are committed to the safety of the students we transport,” said Mitch Bowling, CEO of EverDriven. “Providing an app that allows school staff to know exactly what time students are being dropped off or picked up, in which car, and with which EverSafe Driver, will make EverDriven trips safer than ever before.”

The new school view feature in the EverDriven VIP app uses GPS technology to enable school staff to view driver information and ETAs for each student being transported by EverDriven. This feature is accessible only to approved school personnel and uses geofencing technology to ensure it only works on school grounds, protecting sensitive student information with strict security and privacy measures.

“The two most hectic times of day at a school are always pick-up and drop-off. Knowing exactly which child is being dropped off or picked up, and the arrival status of their driver, is a game changer,” said Matt Creasman of Chester Lewis Alternative High School in Kansas. “The EverDriven VIP app has been great in helping us keep the pick-up and drop-off lines moving.”

The new school view feature of the EverDriven VIP app will be rolled out in phases to contracted districts this summer in preparation for the start of the next school year.

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