Stephen Barber - Image: SBF/Stephen Barber

Stephen Barber

Image: SBF/Stephen Barber

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Stephen Barber

Age: 38

Works for: Klein Independent School District

Role: Operations Supervisor

Describe a day in your professional life.

Barber: A normal day consists of anything from helping a parent with a concern or problem, ensuring that not only myself but also my drivers are upholding the Klein values and culture, helping present a bus safety show for elementary students, and new employee interviews. Those are just a portion of my daily life in this role.

What brought you to the transportation industry?

Barber: I had been working for over 15 years in a warehouse setting. My daughter brought home a flyer from her bus driver stating that Klein ISD was hiring drivers. After looking into the position, I made my decision to become a bus driver, which has ended up being the best career move of my life. Over the past few years, I have worked hard and moved from bus driver, to cover driver, then to trainer, then to the safety coordinator for Klein ISD transportation, and finally at the spot I am now which is operations supervisor.

What’s something critical that you’ve learned during your time in the student transportation industry?

Barber: The first thing that comes to my mind is patience. Obviously as a bus driver it is something that is practiced on a daily basis. As an operations supervisor we deal with a customer service aspect to the industry. At times, patience and understanding are vital to our role. I'm so fortunate to have a fantastic group of drivers which helped Klein ISD win “Top Transportation Team in North America 2023.” I know that without many of them, my position would present far more challenges than what it already does.

What’s your advice for someone considering a career in this industry?

Barber: This has been the most rewarding career choice of my life. I'm so glad that I found a career that I am not only passionate about, but that I love. Take that leap of faith. I never would of believed 10 years ago that school transportation would be the career that I would love.

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