Photo: InCharge Energy

Photo: InCharge Energy

Fleet electrification services provider InCharge Energy has released the InControl 4.0 milestone update to its charge management software (CMS) platform for fleets.

In the latest iteration of the CMS, clients and partners will be able to access the all-new Depot View, which provides in-depth insights into fleet vehicle readiness and real-time status updates. The company also has enhanced the user interface for a modern and intuitive experience, tailored to the specific needs of EV charging, with streamlined data display, persistent filters, and the ability to favorite specific chargers - for easier ongoing monitoring. At the forefront of this robust update are features that provide quicker access to critical data to ensure streamlined fleet charging operations to meet business needs.

“This is our most significant update since launching InControl in 2021, and it represents a major shift on how we look at EV fleet charge management,” said Russell Schmidt, Vice President of Digital Products, InCharge Energy. “We have listened to our customers and tailored the latest enhancements to their needs. We believe fleet managers and charging station operators will find these upgrades invaluable for enhancing their EV charging services.”

Depot View is described as a game-changing feature that allows users to create a virtual parking lot, associating chargers with parking stalls. This enables real-time monitoring of each charger's status and vehicle readiness, including State of Charge (SoC) updates and instant notifications for errors. Fleet managers and operators can streamline operations and ensure efficient charging and maintenance, all within an intuitive user interface.

The new Depot View allows fleet operators to

  • View the current State of Charge (SoC) of vehicles.
  • Sort and filter charging stations by status.
  • Access detailed charging session information, including duration, SoC, energy dispensed, vehicle identity, and power levels.
  • Identify and request service for charging errors.

Additional InControl 4.0 enhancements, including a complete redesign of the dashboard that puts fleet and vehicle operations first, underscore the software’s unmatched functionality and further differentiate it. Included in these updates is a suite of all-new, powerful widgets that provide both real-time insights and overviews highlighting patterns over time, thus supporting data-driven decisions that optimize fleet efficiency.

  • Issues and Cases Widget: Powerful, cutting-edge tool designed to enhance charging station management and customer support capabilities.
  • Recent Sessions Widget: Comprehensive solution for tracking charging sessions within the previous 72 hours.
  • Utilization Widget: Dynamic graph providing insight into how charging stations are used over time.
  • Uptime Widget: Vital tool for fleet managers to monitor the operational stability of their charging infrastructure.
  • Chargers Widget: Dynamic dashboard display that provides real-time insights into the status of charging stations, including sessions in progress.

InControl customers can customize their Depot View by contacting