<p>Florida enacted a new law enabling its school districts to mount detection systems, such as the DriveSafe Enforcement System, on school bus exteriors that will activate when bus lights flash and the “stop arm” extends.</p>[|CREDIT|]<p>Photo: Canva</p>

Conduent Transportation, a smart mobility technology solutions and business unit of Conduent Incorporated, plans to highlight technology solutions to make streets and communities safer for school children at the annual Summer Training Conference & Exposition. The event is hosted by the Florida Police Chiefs Association and held July 28 to Aug. 2 in Bonita Springs.

With more than 25 years of experience in traffic enforcement, Conduent’s exhibit will feature technology and expertise that it uses to operate one out of every four U.S. public safety systems, including those designed to encourage motorists to slow down in school zones.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Conduent DriveSafe Enforcement System uses sensors to detect and track vehicles through a particular location, such as in a school or construction zone or along a highway. The speed and position of each vehicle at that location is monitored to detect if a violation occurs, as determined by local laws.

Earlier this year, Florida enacted a new law authorizing its counties and municipalities to implement this type of camera-equipped detection system in and around schools to target vehicles traveling 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit. Independent studies, including one by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, show these programs can improve the safety of communities. Conduent provides the software, hardware, and video analytics, as well as back-office operations, to make such programs successful.

Florida also enacted a new law enabling its school districts to mount camera systems on school bus exteriors that will activate when bus lights flash and the “stop arm” extends, signaling to other vehicles that they are not allowed to pass as a student is dropped off or picked up.

In 2022, Conduent announced a partnership to develop and deliver this automated technology, which – when combining AI and computer vision – will capture violations if drivers do not stop as required.

Passing a school bus with its stop arm extended is illegal in every U.S. state.

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services, tens of millions of violations happen per year across America where vehicles pass school buses, creating an unsafe situation for children.

“This event is an excellent opportunity for our team to showcase our industry-leading technologies and demonstrated experience for public safety,” said Lou Keyes, president of transportation solutions at Conduent, in a recent news release. “We can provide the tools and expertise communities in Florida need to improve safety in school and work zones and for school children.”

These solutions, spanning roadway charging and management, parking and curbside management, and advanced transit and public safety systems, enable streamlined and personalized services for citizens and travelers who use them.

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