Image: Weston Bartlett/Canva

Image: Weston Bartlett/Canva

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Weston Bartlett

Age: 34

Works for: Tyler Technologies

Role: Manager, Account Executive Team

Describe a day in your professional life.

Bartlett: I now serve as a manager at Tyler Technologies. Day in and day out, I work with development groups to improve our products and serve our clients. I work with my staff to assist in identifying new needs in the industry. I work to ensure that we are in front of the appropriate decision makers as we advocate for industry improvement, and empower people with solutions to problems.

What brought you to the student transportation industry?

Bartlett: In 2015, I was working as a teacher/coach/administrator and the district I was at was looking to fill an administrative role in transportation. I was known to be a hard-working problem solver and I was eager to move into operations. With all that said, I had little knowledge of the industry outside of the CDL in my back pocket and the knowledge that if you don't sweep the bus after you take baseball out of town the driver will find you and possibly kill you. In my new role I soon found a community of professionals willing to support me and help me improve student safety. I spent my first year on Google Maps and on my knees praying it all went right. I can honestly say that it was a little divine intervention that brought me to the industry and I am grateful everyday that somehow I ended up in this great industry working to make a difference in students' lives.

What’s something critical that you’ve learned during your time in the student transportation industry?

Bartlett: It is always the right time to get better. When I became a director in 2015, I set out to improve my operation. It started by providing better customer service and clear communication with my community. Today it means helping districts find new solutions to problems we don't even know we have yet. Through the last eight years, I have passed many folks content to "do it the way we always have." I am encouraged that with each passing year I see less and less of that. We now represent a very advanced industry that solves advanced problems daily. I am proud to be a problem solver in this industry.

What’s your advice for someone considering a career in this industry?

Bartlett: Go for it! This is a great industry to be in and serve others. Don't be afraid to lead the pack. Be the tip of the spear and set new standards for efficiency, safety, and service.

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