New Functionality Coming to Netradyne Accessory
New Functionality Coming to Netradyne Accessory

Netradyne, developer of accessories using artificial intelligence and edge computing for driver and fleet safety, has announced the introduction of Driver•iHubX. The latest generation of the Driver•i accessory enables customers to add up to four external cameras to their existing installation for a complete 360-degree view around the vehicle. Besides the new hardware, the company also announced enhancements and new features to its vision-based safety platform.

Driver•iHubX adds to the features and functionality of its predecessor with additional storage, low-power wake up for accessing external videos in standby mode, and GPIO (general purpose input/output) connectivity to vehicle sensors to trigger vehicle recording. Driver*iHubX also provides the driver with external camera views through an optional exterior monitor to promote safer driving.

"The release of Driver•iiHubX and other enhancements are an example of how we are continuously improving our features and functionality to provide useful insights to our fleet customers," said Avneesh Agrawal, Netradyne's chief executive officer. "As a result, fleets are better equipped to understand driving behavior and provide positive, corrective coaching to drivers while creating safer roads for all."

Driver•i's latest features and functionality include:

  • DriverStar Streak: Recognizes safe driving for those drivers who consistently drive within the company’s speeding policy thresholds for posted speeding and fleet-specified threshold speeding. This feature can be incorporated into a fleet’s driver recognition or incentive program.
  • Live Streaming: Enables an authorized user to view the outward or inward views of an installed Driver•i device in real-time. This functionality is helpful with specialized carriers and accident investigations. It also improves communication between the driver and fleet manager by allowing the driver to contact the manager for in-the-moment feedback and guidance on a situation as needed.
  • Camera Obstruction Alert: Identifies events when the driver cannot be detected by the camera due to an object or material placed over the inward camera lens or when there is an issue with the device such as improper installation of the camera, tilt of the camera, location of the camera or other hardware issue. Fleet managers can now easily identify obstruction events that are caused by a driver or passenger versus events that are the result of a hardware issue and manage as appropriate.

“Positive feedback betters relationships with employees and maintains a culture of trust, where drivers are valued and respected,” said Adam Kahn, president of Netradyne. “The release of the new DriverStar Streak, monitoring speeding is one way we can enable our customers to easily identify drivers who drive safely in specific situations as well as over time. Fleets that use this feature and our other new enhancements will realize the benefits of increased driver engagement, improved driver performance and safer driving.”