NV Energy's Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) program will cover 75% of...

NV Energy's Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) program will cover 75% of costs and charging setup. The state's Department of Environmental Protection agreed to pay the rest.

Photo courtesy Carson City School District

The 10-school Carson City (Nevada) School District (CCSD) will purchase two electric school buses through NV Energy’s Electric School Bus Incentive Program. The district will also install the necessary infrastructure, according to The Nevada Appeal.

The project started in Nevada’s 2017 bill, called NV Energy’s Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID), a program that covers three-fourths of the electric school bus costs and charging setup

In addition, CCSD Chief Financial Officer Andrew Feuling told the Nevada Appeal that the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has offered to partner in the electric bus project.

The total project cost for two buses and training is $1,258,737. NV Energy will cover 75% of that amount or $944,053. NDEP has agreed to pay up to 40% of the costs, which covers the entire balance, meaning there should be no cost to the district.

Electric buses travel up to 120 miles in a single charge, depending on terrain or driving habits, and charge in about eight hours. The alternative-powered buses reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 54,000 lbs. per year, lower maintenance costs, and also typically improve interior air quality significantly, according to NV Energy.

Running on the relatively flat Carson City terrain, the buses should be able to run longer on a single charge, reported the Nevada Appeal. Serving some 7,800 students, CCSD runs two routes each morning impacting the elementary, middle and high schools.