The BusPatrol Academy will train aspiring technicians on how to install the company’s safety...

The BusPatrol Academy will train aspiring technicians on how to install the company’s safety technology — including stop-arm cameras, 360-degree safety cameras, and GPS and telemetry — on school buses.

Photo courtesy BusPatrol

BusPatrol has launched a new program designed to teach aspiring technicians how to install the company’s safety technology on school buses.

The BusPatrol Academy is a one-week paid training and certification program that will allow field service technicians to complete six installs of BusPatrol’s safety technology, each on a different school bus type, according to a news release from the company. The week includes a full day of training on skills such as drilling and wire fishing. Trainees will also receive a toolkit with over 45 sets of equipment from various brands, according to BusPatrol.

“We are looking to hire hundreds of field service technicians from across the U.S. to support our mission to modernize school buses and improve school bus safety for children everywhere,” said Jean Souliere, BusPatrol founder and CEO. “If you’re looking to start a new career and do something you can be proud of, this is a perfect opportunity.”

“Our academy provides a practice arena — with our own school buses and training fixtures — to help our technicians safely master the required skills and bond with their teams before working with our partners,” said Ezra Okon, vice president of business excellence at BusPatrol, responsible for planning and implementing the Academy.

The company’s safety technology includes stop-arm cameras, 4G LTE connectivity, DVR and storage devices, cloud-managed 360-degree safety cameras (interior, windshield, rearview, and side load cameras), and GPS and telemetry.

The first BusPatrol Academy training session will be held in Long Island, New York, and trainees will receive full room and board, according to the company.

BusPatrol recently announced several new partnerships across the Northeast, including its biggest partnership to date with Suffolk County, New York. As part of the Suffolk County school bus safety program, BusPatrol will upgrade entire school bus fleets at more than 60 school districts, equivalent to more than 4,000 school buses.