PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Elementary school students at Bay County School District (BCSD) will receive two workbooks this week designed to educate them on various aspects of school bus safety.

The Florida Department of Transportation reportedly provided a $10,000 grant to purchase 20,000 booklets. They are dedicated to Melissa Tindell, a BCSD student who was killed in October 2008 while trying to save her kitten from an oncoming car, according to the News Herald.

One workbook, titled “You, Your Child and School Bus Safety,” will be sent home with the students to help generate a discussion between parents and their children.

The other workbook contains coloring and other exercises and will be used in the classroom to help teachers emphasize safety measures around school buses and bus stops.

“We wanted to make sure kids know the proper way to get on and off the bus as well as how to be safe at bus stops,” Mike Jones, the school district’s safety and security manager, told the newspaper.