WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Wednesday, Mark R. Rosekind and Earl F. Weener were sworn in as members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Rosekind is an internationally recognized fatigue expert who has conducted research and implemented programs in all modes of transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, elite athlete and military groups.

Prior to joining the NTSB, Rosekind founded Alertness Solutions, a scientific consulting firm in Cupertino, Calif., that specializes in fatigue management. He served as president and chief scientist of the firm.  

Rosekind also directed the Fatigue Countermeasures Program and was chief of the aviation operations branch in the Flight Management and Human Factors division at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Moreover, he was the director of the Center for Human Sleep Research at Stanford University’s Sleep Disorders and Research Center.

Rosekind earned his bachelor’s degree with honors at Stanford University, his Ph.D. at Yale University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Brown University Medical School.

His term as an NTSB member expires on Dec. 31, 2014.

Weener is a licensed pilot who has dedicated his entire career to the field of aviation safety. Most recently, he was a consultant and fellow for the Flight Safety Foundation, where he worked to reduce accidents through coordinated industry programs.

From 1984 to 1999, Weener held a series of positions with The Boeing Company, including three chief engineer positions in airworthiness, reliability, maintainability and safety; system engineering; and safety technology development. He was also Boeing's manager of government affairs for four years.

In addition to this work for Boeing, Weener has served as a general aviation flight instructor. He earned all of his academic degrees — bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate — in aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan.

Weener’s term as a member of the NTSB expires on Dec. 31, 2015.

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