REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — GreenRoad recently conducted a survey among managers and executives of fleets in a variety of industries to better understand their concerns and challenges. 

A total of 380 respondents completed the Fleet Leaders Survey, 22 of whom indicated that they work in transit, which for this survey comprised the municipal, school bus or motorcoach industry.

In the survey, when asked to rank their biggest and most important challenges, 40 percent of respondents cited saving money by reducing fleet fuel consumption, and 21 percent cited reducing crash costs. Eight percent identified cutting emissions to meet eco-related objectives.

Fleet officials were also asked whether they agreed with the statement, “Beyond everything else, fuel cost is the top issue facing my operation.” Fifty-one percent either agreed or somewhat agreed. The survey also revealed that only 37 percent of respondents had implemented a new fuel-saving initiative in the past 12 months.

“Despite incremental gains in fuel efficiency and safety afforded by programs implemented recently, fleet leaders across North America are still searching for solutions and technology to help them meet their cost-savings and safety improvement goals,” said Tanya Roberts, senior vice president of marketing for GreenRoad.

Respondents were asked about driving performance as well. Ninety-four percent said that improving driving performance will have a major beneficial impact on fleet costs. In addition, 42 percent said they will either “definitely” or “probably” invest in new driving performance and safety management technology in the next three to four months.

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