SEGUIN, Texas — Seguin Independent School District (ISD) has been operating propane-powered school buses for six years, and officials estimate that this has saved the district 33% on fuel costs.

There are 85 buses in Seguin ISD’s fleet, including 28 propane-powered buses and 57 diesel buses. The district uses 71,950 gallons of propane annually and has installed one on-site fueling station.
Phia Rigney, Seguin ISD’s transportation director, said that the economic and environmental benefits of propane autogas caught the attention of the district six years ago.

“The biggest selling point was the fact that the fuel burns a lot cleaner than diesel, which means cleaner air for the students and community of Seguin,” Rigney said. “We plan to continue purchasing propane buses. The preventive maintenance saves money because propane buses use less oil and can go longer between oil changes.”
Seguin ISD is one of more than 75 Texas school districts operating buses on propane autogas.

“Currently, there are more than 2,000 propane-powered buses across the state,” said Jackie Mason, education and marketing director for the Propane Council of Texas. “We expect that number to continue to grow. Propane autogas is a clean, safe and reliable way for school districts to reduce emissions for their students and create healthier budgets.”
Many school districts are able to save money by participating in national and statewide incentive programs, officials said. Seguin ISD took part in both a Railroad Commission of Texas incentive program and the $.50 per gallon alternative fuel tax credit from the federal government. With the initial reimbursement for the purchase of propane buses and the rebate on fuel, Seguin ISD has saved $500,000 since 2008.
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