CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. — Last week, several students on a Kenton County School District bus alerted their driver to what they believed was a gun being pointed at the bus by a teenager standing outside the vehicle, although the weapon was later discovered to be a BB gun, WLWT reports.

After the students told the driver that a boy who was yelling at the driver had what appeared to be a gun, the driver shut the door and drove away, a school spokeswoman told WLWT. The driver then called police, who took the teenager into custody, school officials told the news outlet.

The suspect's family members told WLWT that their 16-year-old was playing with a friend and meant no harm. The boy had the gun in his shirt, and showed it to another kid he was with and the bus driver happened to be pulling up at the same time, one of the family members added.

Family members also told the news outlet the boy had issues with the bus driver before, but school officials said the driver does not know the suspect, and did what he was trained to do.

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