BUFFALO, N.Y.  — A woman who is eight months pregnant was struck by a school bus and pinned between her car and the bus here last week after the driver, who she knew, stopped to talk to her, WIVB reports. She is recovering from her injuries.

On a snow-covered and slippery street, Aleasha Timineri was strapping her 3-year-old son into a car seat. Meanwhile, the bus driver, who has not been identified, stopped his bus because he had little room to maneuver; Timineri had opened her car door and another car was parked directly across the narrow street, according to the news outlet. Timineri’s father told WIVB the bus driver “tried to go through the middle of them both and wound up smacking my daughter’s door, pushing her in between the door.”

A surveillance camera mounted on Timineri’s father’s house recorded the incident, showing Timineri and her son walking to the car, and the bus pulling up and stopping, when the bus’ wheels begin spinning and a burst of exhaust is emitted, according to the news outlet. A witness told WIVB at that moment he was honking to a friend to come out of his house and believed the driver thought somebody was impatient.

Timineri’s relatives came to her aid. Police told WIVB the bus appeared to have “slid” before striking the woman. The driver has not been charged.

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