LANSING, Mich. —  A proposed bill would require enhancements to rear warning lights on school buses.

House Bill 4046 would require brighter and more visible lighting on the rear of buses, so drivers sharing the road are more clearly notified when the bus is slowing down.

State Rep. Holly Hughes, R-Montague, said the goal of the bill is to improve school bus safety.

In 2011, siblings Antonia and Bruce Privacky were on their way home from school in Coopersville when they rear-ended a school bus that had stopped normally on the road, officials said. The teenagers’ car was pinned beneath the bus and both passed away on the scene.

“Losing the Privacky siblings hit the West Michigan community hard, so I want to do what I can to prevent this from happening again,” Hughes said. “Unfortunately, roadway collisions involving our community’s brightest future leaders do happen. It’s time to take preventative measures so we can protect not only the drivers who share roads with buses, but also our children on their daily commutes to and from school.”

Hughes proposed similar legislation in 2012. Upon reintroduction this week, the bill is still known as the “Privacky Law” and aims to prevent similar tragedies.

“Enhanced rear visibility is a step forward,” said Paul Privacky, father of Antonia and Bruce. “We applaud Rep. Hughes’ efforts to reintroduce this legislation.”

A collision last week between a sedan and school bus in Cedar Springs has made the bill all the more relevant, officials said. Two people sustained minor injuries, Hughes added, but thankfully no fatalities occurred as a result of the recent collision.

“It is our duty, as Michiganders and as members of this community, to protect our children so they can travel safely between their home and school no matter what,” she said. “We can do more to prevent school bus collisions and hopefully save lives by taking the precautions proposed in this bill.”

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