INDIANAPOLIS — Hundreds of school bus drivers and Head Start teachers statewide were notified by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development that they must repay thousands of dollars they received in unemployment benefits since 2011, FOX 59 reports.

School bus drivers and Head Start employees in Indiana had been filing for unemployment benefits during the summer for years, but in 2011, a change in the law made them ineligible for those benefits, according to the news outlet. However, they still received payments from the state and are now being asked to pay that money back.

Joe Frank, communications director for the Department of Workforce Development, told FOX 59 that bus drivers and Head Start employees “have reasonable assurance they’re going back to work” after the summer and are not considered unemployed. Frank added that the department notified all Indiana employers with employees in the state that the unemployment benefits were invalid.

Frank also explained to the news outlet that the overpayment notices were recently sent because the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the law is valid and recipients of benefits after the change was passed need to pay back the overpayments. Meanwhile, bus drivers are asking the department commissioner to waive the repayment fees, and lawmakers are looking to change the current law back to the way it was before 2011, according to FOX 59.

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