CLEVELAND — The School Bus Safety Co. (SBSC) has completed the development of a new training course: Trainer Certification Process for School Bus Driver Trainers.

Company officials described the Trainer Certification Process as an advanced, self-directed educational course for trainers in the school bus industry. It is delivered on a computer through a series of interactive CD-ROMs. There are five units, providing five hours of instruction, followed by a 50-question final exam.

The course covers behavioral interviewing, learning basics, coaching the adult learner, how to train new operators and the optimal way to train with the SBSC training materials.

“Usually trainers are selected from senior drivers and receive little to no training in their new role,” SBSC President Jeff Cassell said. “This course will help identify the strongest traits to choose the most successful trainers, and then provides extensive training to make sure they become expert trainers.”

According to Cassell, the Trainer Certification Process explains that trainers can train the applicants to increase their knowledge and skills, but not everyone is cut out to be a school bus driver.

“We all have different motivations, personality and values, and these can rarely be changed. A risk taker will always be a risk taker,” Cassell said. “Trainers spend by far the most time with new applicants and are the best people to judge if the trainee will make a safe school bus driver.”

The course also teaches trainers behind-the-wheel training methods, including commentary driving. In commentary driving, driver trainees say aloud everything they are doing and watching for as they drive. Other trainees listen and observe, noting any good, bad or missed behaviors.

“Good trainers are rare because we never make the time and effort to help them be professionally trained trainers,” Cassell added. “They are usually left to figure it out for themselves. Trainers going through this course will have a whole new set of skills to become leading trainers. ”

The course is available from SBSC for $2,000 plus shipping costs. To purchase the course, or for further information, contact Kelly Turner or Janet Greer or call (866) 275-7272.

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