Strictly Diesel offers a repair kit that can address dipstick adapter leaks on International T444E engines, according to the company.

Strictly Diesel officials said that the dipstick adapter repair kit can fix those types of leaks even when the interior piece has been warped from being overtightened.

“Most people don’t want to pull the oil pan to make this repair, and now they don’t have to,” said Dennis Schroeder, co-owner of Strictly Diesel.

Schroeder noted that while Strictly Diesel is a light duty diesel shop, they can supply the dipstick adapter repair kit to school bus shops that service T444E engines.

“We believe they will fit any T444E application, as every one that we have seen uses the same stock dipstick adapter in the pan,” Schroeder said.

The repair kit eliminates the stock dipstick adapter, replacing it with a new machined aluminum adapter that features a double O-ring seal on the outside of the oil pan. The kit can be installed with the oil pan still on the engine, and the engine still in the vehicle.

For more information, call Strictly Diesel at (623) 582-4404 or go here. (Note: On that web page, there are no T444E vehicles in the selector. To order the kit for that type of engine, click the "If you know our part number" link below the vehicle selector.)

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