SAN JOAQUIN, Calif. — A school bus driver here was recognized on Monday for rescuing a boy who was being attacked by two dogs, KFSN reports.

Ricardo Carrillo, 9, was attacked by a pair of dogs about six months ago while he was walking with a friend, according to the news source. His friend was able to escape, but the two German shepherds would not let go of Carrillo. Soon after, bus driver Ruben Mendoza drove by on his regular after-school bus route. He told KFSN that as he was dropping off students, he saw the dogs attacking Carrillo, shut the bus door, and went toward him. He said he pulled the dogs off of Carrillo, and fought them off with a tire iron. Carrillo has recovered from his injuries, but is still emotional when talking about the incident, according to the news source.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the community honored Mendoza for saving the boy at San Joaquin Elementary School, according to the news source. CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow presented Mendoza with the CHP's School Bus Driver of the Year award, which is given to those who are nominated for their actions to prevent injury or loss of life, KFSN reports. Mendoza was also honored for a lifetime achievement of safe driving for Golden Plains Unified School District and received recognition from the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

CHP officials also gave Carrillo a teddy bear as a reminder of what Mendoza did to save his life. Carrillo said that Mendoza is “the best bus driver in the whole wide world," according to the news source.

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