MERCER ISLAND, Wash. — The city council here voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance that allows stop-arm cameras to be installed on school buses, according to Mercer Island Reporter.

The city also voted unanimously to authorize the city manager to sign an agreement with the Mercer Island School District, with an amendment that the school district periodically reports to the city what safety projects are being funded from generated revenues, according to the newspaper. The district’s school board had approved the use of cameras on school bus stop arms in April and voted to enter into a contract with American Traffic Solutions to provide the camera system.

The plan calls for cameras to be installed on the stop arms of five school buses, according to Mercer Island Reporter. A citation fine would cost violators $394, with $299 going to the school district to fund school zone safety projects. A vendor fee of $69 would go to American Traffic Solutions, $21 would cover the municipal cost, and $5 would go to the law enforcement cost.

The city and school district will hold a public information campaign over the summer before the cameras are deployed at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, according to the newspaper. In April, the city council and school board members discussed foregoing a grace period for violators. Mercer Island Police Commander Dave Jokinen told Mercer Island Reporter that the public information period over the summer would count as the grace period.

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