ROSELLE PARK, N.J. — A student with autism is being hailed a hero for alerting his bus driver of smoke on the bus, CBS New York reports.

Alex Perez, 10, told the news source that he yelled out to get the bus driver’s attention after seeing smoke coming from the engine of the bus. The bus driver pulled over, and soon after, first responders arrived and removed all seven special-needs students and the driver from the bus before it caught fire. One student was treated for issues with breathing, but there were no serious injuries, according to CBS New York.

Perez’s mother told the news source that her son’s autism may have helped in the situation because he is high sensory, and can pick up smells and sounds quickly.

Perez did not take credit for his role in saving the passengers from the fire, telling CBS New York that he “was like the sidekick.”

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