<p>Pro-Vision's high-definition (HD) bus surveillance system can now record 16 channels of HD video and audio simultaneously.</p>
BYRON CENTER, Mich. — Pro-Vision Video Systems has doubled the high-definition (HD) capability of its HD solid-state surveillance system for school buses and transit vehicles, the company announced on Thursday.

The Pro-Vision HD system can now record 16 channels of HD video and audio simultaneously, according to the company. The system records 1080p true HD video quality, as well as high-fidelity audio through built-in microphones on each camera.

Also, with built-in Wi-Fi, the Pro-Vision HD system can be accessed by a mobile device to allow for simplified setup and maintenance without hard-wired viewing monitors or remote controls.

The Wi-Fi capabilities also enable the system to perform automated wireless file transfer. This allows video files to be automatically downloaded to a desired storage location when a vehicle pulls in range of a wireless access point, which the company said eliminates the need to manually remove a storage device to retrieve files.

The Pro-Vision HD system is backed by a five-year system warranty and a lifetime SDXC card warranty.

For more information, go to provisionusa.com.

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