HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A student with special needs was reportedly left on the van taking him to school and was later found wandering near a roadway on Tuesday, WNEP reports.

Nathan Stewart, 7, who is nonverbal, boarded the van that morning at the usual time, his family told the news source, but he fell asleep on the way to school. Although the other special-needs students aboard made it to school, Stewart was still in the van and ended up in the driver’s home driveway. Stewart’s grandmother told WNEP that when he woke up, he left the van and started walking, and two women found him. Stewart’s family estimates that he walked for about 10 to 15 minutes because that's how far the driver lives from the area along Route 93 where Stewart was found.

Stewart’s family was notified two hours after he should have started classes that he hadn’t shown up to school. Police told the news source that they responded to the incident after the women called 911.

The Hazleton Area School District is investigating the incident, according to WNEP. A woman from Chiverella Inc., the company that takes Stewart to school, left a voicemail for Stewart’s family the evening of the incident. The message said, “You can bet this will never happen again to any child,” according to the news source.

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