PARIS — Authorities in France filed preliminary charges against the bus driver involved in a crash with a train at a railroad crossing in Millas on Dec. 14 that killed six students, the Associated Press reports.

As previously reported, 23 passengers were aboard the bus when it was hit by the regional express train. At issue in the investigation is whether the safety barriers at the railroad crossing were raised or lowered when the bus drove onto the tracks.

The bus driver, who was among those injured, said that the barriers were raised, but the local prosecutor said that evidence and witness statements indicate that they were lowered, according to the Associated Press.

A judicial official said that the driver is accused of manslaughter and involuntary injury, the news source reports. The bus driver’s lawyer told French business radio station BFM that she was in the hospital and was distressed after police questioned her, the Associated Press reports.

Funeral services are being held this week for the students who died in the crash, all middle school or high school students in the region, according to the news source.

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