WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A school bus driver here was honored for assisting a student who had a medical emergency last year, and her quick actions were recently recognized again by her school district as a "best of 2017" story on social media.

In February, Regina Shealy noticed that one of the students on her bus didn’t get off at her stop, according to a news release from The School District of Palm Beach County. Shealy called the girl’s name but she didn’t respond. Shealy then walked over to the girl, according to the school district, and discovered that she was unresponsive. Shealy tried unsuccessfully to wake her and then called police for emergency medical help.

A few minutes before paramedics arrived, the girl began having a seizure. Referring to her training, Shealy rolled the girl onto her side, and flagged down a nearby security guard, according to the district. The security guard was able to help until the paramedics arrived, and the girl was OK.

“A potentially tragic situation was averted, thanks to Ms. Shealy’s efforts,” the district noted in the release.

The Safety Council of Palm Beach County Inc.’s Traffic Safety Committee presented Shealy with a Heroism Award in 2017 at its 32nd annual Traffic Safety Recognition Luncheon.

“[The Heroism Award] is significant and well deserved,” said Sue Gorby, the senior transportation coordinator for the school district. “We have many unrecognized heroes in our ranks of bus drivers and bus attendants, and I’m so proud of Regina.”

Although she has worked for the district for 10 years, Shealy had only been driving that particular bus route for two months, according to The School District of Palm Beach County.

The district posted about Shealy winning the award on its Facebook page on Friday, with the hashtag "#BestofPBCSD2017":

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