MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. — Video shows that the school bus driver involved in a fatal crash with a dump truck here made a sudden U-turn at a median before the collision, sources told NBC 4.

As SBF previously reported, the crash occurred on Thursday at about 10:20 a.m. when one of three school buses was on the highway, headed to Waterloo Village, a restored 19th-century town, for a fifth-grade field trip. The collision between the bus and the dump truck caused the undercarriage of the bus to be completely ripped away from the body of the bus, and the body was left on its side in the median. A student and a teacher were killed in the crash, and the other 43 people aboard the bus were hospitalized.

The school bus involved in the collision reportedly missed the exit for Waterloo Village, and the driver apparently saw a U-turn area designated for emergency vehicles, according to NBC 4. The driver then cut across lanes of traffic to make a U-turn, and the dump truck, which was traveling in the same direction, crashed into the bus when it suddenly appeared in front of the truck, officials told the news source, citing footage from a state Department of Transportation traffic camera.

The bus driver, who is being treated for injuries, has not been interviewed yet, NBC 4 reports. It is still early in the investigation, and no conclusion has been reached on the crash.

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