SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Transfinder Corp. has unveiled its in-vehicle app Wayfinder, which can assist in building and adjusting routes and providing navigation, to clients who use Transfinder’s flagship Routefinder Pro product.

The Wayfinder app, which is free for Transfinder clients, allows users to create bus routes on either smart devices they already own or devices that are pre-installed on vehicles.

The app can help districts quickly build routes with the RouteBuilder technology included in the Wayfinder app and upload them into Routefinder Pro. For example, as a bus travels a route, an aide can tap a button on the screen that will accurately locate each stop as well as the entire route. Stops can then be added, deleted, or relocated.

Wayfinder can also help users optimize routes for either shortest distance or shortest time; capture new roads, developments, or subdivisions; and track vehicles utilizing Transfinder’s Fleetfinder solution.

The app is compliant with state laws pertaining to use of smart devices on moving vehicles, according to the company. In states where drivers are prohibited from interacting with devices while a vehicle is in motion, the screen goes dark, but turn-by-turn voice guidance is still provided.

Wayfinder works with any iOS or Android smart device. It integrates with a district’s existing GPS provider or can utilize the GPS technology embedded in the smart device.

President and CEO Antonio Civitella described the Wayfinder app as a "game changer" not just for Transfinder clients but for an industry that needs fast solutions for providing safe bus stops and bus routes, and for complying with a changing landscape of laws related to smart device usage on vehicles. He previewed the app in April at the company’s Annual Client Summit.

“Our clients have been asking for this for some time, and we are proud to say that after being field tested by a select group of clients, Wayfinder is now ready for prime time,” Civitella said. “This is a BYOD product — Bring Your Own Device.”

Wayfinder is being made available for free to clients because it can help build routes faster and more accurately within the Routefinder Pro solution, he added.

To learn more about Wayfinder, go here.

In other company news, Transfinder recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary.

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