SHELBYVILLE, Ind. — The city of Shelbyville is considering an expansion of its smoking ban to include school bus stops after a mother voiced concern about the health of her child and other students, WTHR reports.

Crystal Smothers told the news source that when her son, who has asthma, was at the bus stop on his first day of first grade, another parent was smoking next to the students at the stop. Smothers said that she explained to the parent that her son has asthma and asked her to stop smoking at the bus stop, but the parent took one step away and continued smoking, and has smoked at the stop “day after day,” according to WTHR.

The school assigned the boy to a different bus stop on a nearby street, but he has to stand by himself to avoid cigarette smoke, the news source reports. Smothers contacted her city councilman and the mayor’s office about changing the smoking ban law to include bus stops. A 15-foot perimeter is now being proposed for school bus stops, government buildings, city parks, and city bus stops. The city attorney and council members are currently working on the law’s language and a vote is expected next month, according to WTHR.

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