<p>Video footage shows students in New York walking&nbsp;across the sidewalk when the&nbsp;motorist approaches and waits for&nbsp;them to run in front of the vehicle before driving past them. Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Dov Hikind</p>
BOROUGH PARK, N.Y. — Video shows a motorist here driving onto the sidewalk to get around parked school buses, narrowly missing young students.

Former State Assemblyman Dov Hikind told WABC that the video was recorded at the Vizhnitz Cheder school on 53rd St., where the buses were dropping off students. The video shows the students walking across the sidewalk toward the entrance when the driver approaches and waits for several to run in front of the vehicle before driving past them.

In a tweet accompanying the video, Hikind said that he is urging the New York Police Department to take action against the motorist responsible for the “reckless endangerment of children’s welfare.”

Hikind later told WABC that the video footage and license plate number have been given to the department’s chief of police, and that he believes the driver lives in the neighborhood. Police confirmed to the news source that detectives are looking into the incident.

Watch the video below.

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