BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A student here who has autism and is mostly non-verbal was dropped off at the wrong school recently, CBS New York reports.

On the morning of Sept. 19, 5-year-old Nicholas Hionas’s bus picked him up and dropped him off at P.S. 133, even though his school is Park Slope School 282, which is half a mile away, according to the news source. Hionas’s father told CBS New York that he drove to his son's school and found out that he was marked absent for the day.

Meanwhile, a teacher spotted Hionas, found his contact information, which was written on his belongings, and called his family. Hionas’s father picked up his son and brought him home. The boy was unharmed, according to the news source, but will have to be examined by a doctor, medically evaluated, and cleared before he can ride the bus again.

Logan Bus Co., which operates the route on which the incident occurred, told CBS New York that that was the first day the company operated the route, and that it took the route over from the New York City Department of Education.

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