Operating safely in adverse conditions depends on a number of common sense procedures. Here’s a list of reminders for winter driving: • Traction is greater when you slow down. Slow speeds mean more control. • Stopping is harder than going. With ice, snow or water on the ground you will need more room to stop: back off. • Turning can be trouble. Ice and snow present bigger problems when you turn. Proceed very slowly and keep the wheels turning through a curve. • See and be seen. Check lights, wipers and defroster before you go and occasionally while en route. Use headlights. • You never know what will happen next. People, drivers and even the crest of a hill can create an unforeseen crisis. • Skidding is easier to avoid than to control. Slow speeds and gradual movement can help you avoid skids. Aggressive driving will create them. • Know when to stop. Sometimes the only safe thing to do is to park the bus. Know your limits. Source: Lancer Insurance Co. in Long Beach, N.Y. For more info, visit www.lancer-ins.com or call (800) 782-8902.