Arizona Approves School Bus Crossing Light System

Posted on January 28, 2019
Arizona is the 20th state to allow the Gardian Angel safety lighting system as optional equipment.
Arizona is the 20th state to allow the Gardian Angel safety lighting system as optional equipment.

The Gardian Angel safety lighting system is now allowed for use on school buses in Arizona.

The system, created by former school bus mechanic Steve Gardner, uses a white LED flood light at the front of the bus to illuminate a path for students to cross the street, and to make the students more visible to motorists.

Arizona is the 20th state to allow the lighting system as optional school bus equipment. In December, New York became the 19th state to approve the lighting system. 

Arizona school transportation directors need to contact the Arizona Department of Transportation before installing Gardian Angel, according to the system's supplier. 

The Gardian Angel light automatically turns on when the red lights are activated and turns off when the entrance door of the bus is closed.

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  • Anthony Schneider

     | about 3 months ago

    More devices lights, stop arm extensions & etc. only increase the "greater false sense of safety" and do nothing to fundamentally increase the basic safety around a school bus here in North America. Not until ALL children are either accompanied (younger than 10) by a responsible adult and are taught the "rules of the road" with respect to pedestrians. Will the safety increase and less will be injured or killed. Too many children await to broad a school bus across the roadway from the bus stop and loading side of the bus. Too many children start to cross the roadway not waiting and confirming ALL approaching motor vehicles have seen them and STOPPED! Only in North America is this a major problem. Across "the pond" ALL children are taught the rules of crossing a roadway from toddlers up into adulthood, without ALL the flashing light & extending arms. Resulting in less death & injury regardless of age of the pedestrian.

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