New Service Provider Portal Online for ALC Schools
New Service Provider Portal Online for ALC Schools

ALC Schools has launched a new tool – the LCS Provider Portal – to simplify and streamline operations of the company’s nationwide network of special needs transportation service providers.

The ALC Provider Portal provides easy access to each provider’s latest operations data. Key features and capabilities include:

  • Driver and trip management
  • The ability to check driver eligibility and available routes for which their business is responsible

ALC Schools’ service providers can access the portal using their unique user ID and password.

The portal's features and capabilities include driver and trip management and ability to check...

The portal's features and capabilities include driver and trip management and ability to check driver eligibility.

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“The ALC Provider Portal is an eagerly awaited tool that many of our service providers have been looking forward to," said Trung Nguyen, senior vice president of operations for ALC Schools. "Now, instead of calling our support team whenever they have a question about a driver or route, they can simply log in to the portal and receive the information more quickly and efficiently."

Phaedra McMahan, owner and manager for Let’s Ride! LLC, an ALC Schools service provider, said, “I love the new ALC Schools Provider Portal. Each night, I'm able to log in and confirm that the route assignments for the following day are all set. Having the ability to confirm what each driver is scheduled to do has helped us to be more efficient and minimize errors. I also appreciate being able to download an entire day's routes in an Excel spreadsheet with the click of a button.”

“The ALC Schools Provider Portal has been helpful by allowing us to see in real-time when a district has canceled routes or if a substitute driver needs to be quickly redeployed,” said Myriam Delien, field rep for Integrity Trans Group. “The portal, combined with the ALC Driver App are two great tools for helping us manage our drivers and our business with ALC. And even if we have to reference static PDF routes sheets in emergency situations, we can always access the most up-to date route info from the portal.”

According to Bryan Glenn, ALC Schools' chief technology officer, the company “will continue to add features and functionality that will help to drive efficiency and productivity for our service provider partners.”